Will the two-state solution really benefit PA Arabs?

David Schulberg interviews Nasri Barghouti to find out if the Arabs really want peace.

David Schulberg,

Protest against peace talks at PLO offices in Ramallah
Protest against peace talks at PLO offices in Ramallah
Issam Rimawi/Flash 90

Nasri Barghouti is a Palestinian Authority Arab businessman who lives in Ramallah. He is a spokesperson for "Two States One Homeland," a group of Israelis and Palestinian Arabs who propose reconciliation between the two peoples based on the establishment of two sovereign states in one open land.

In the second part of an extensive interview, we consider many of the current issues feeding the Israeli-Palestinian Authority conflict.

Haredi leadership has experienced tumultuous times over the last five years, and the recent passing of the “leader of the generation” of garedi Jewry, Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman, will further complicate the picture.

David speaks with Jeremy Sharon, who reports on religious affairs for The Jerusalem Post, about the question of who will lead the haredim now, and what the consequences might be for Israel as a whole.

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