Police confirm Qusra lynch attempt was act of terror

Documents issued by police say 'clear evidence finds attack was act of terrorism.'

Mordechai Sones,

Qusra riots
Qusra riots
Flash 90

Israel Police confirmed that the children hiking near the village of Migdalim who were attacked by dozens of Arab rioters are to be considered victims of an act of terrorism. Hostile action casualties - defined as victims of terror attacks or military action by hostile states - and their families are entitled by law to monetary remuneration and various benefits to assist and support them in their recovery.

Documents released by the police cited "clear evidence that found the attack was committed as a hostile act against Israel."

An adult who accompanied the children and suffered a head injury from a rock thrown by one of the rioters was also recognized as a victim of terror.

This week, police arrested six residents of the village of Qusra suspected of participating in the attack. A hearing on extending their remand is expected today.

The father of one of the children whose son was attacked during the trip said: "State recognition of the grievous incident our children experienced as a hostile act is a proper and valid step, and that's what should be done. But each coin has two sides: In addition to recognizing us as victims of [terror], the enemy [rioters] must be brought to justice. This means both the rioters themselves - examine and judge each and every one of them to in the most strict manner available, and collectively - the village from which this riot was organized, which wasn't the first, should be punished collectively: Denying work permits, blockading the village, and other things the defense establishment knows how to do."

Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu legal aid organization accompanying the victims in the case relates: "Recognition of those who survived the lynch attempt as victims of hostile action reminds us that the struggle for a Jew's right to live in his own country still continues full force.

"There's still a bitter enemy here who tries to harm us because we're Jews and they're unwilling to accept the fact that our people have returned to their land. We call on all government, legal, and security networks to act forcefully against the enemy and ensure the right of every child in Israel to travel freely and safely in the open areas adjacent to his home and throughout the country."