Smotrich to Arutz Sheva:
'The opposition is lying - it's good to live in Israel'

On Recommendations Law: 'Police shouldn't decide one's fate.' On Tel Aviv protests: 'We didn't see them demonstrating against Olmert.'

Eliran Aharon ,

Betzalel Smotrich
Betzalel Smotrich
Hadas Porush/Flash 90

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Recommendations Law, the stubborn naysaying of the opposition, and the leftist demonstrations against Netanyahu.

"The amazing thing is that the opposition stands there and for dozens of hours tells Israeli citizens how bad it is here, how corrupt, how terrible, while they themselves admit that they have no real reason to oppose the Recommendations Law in its current format," says Smotrich, referring to the filibuster the Knesset witnessed this week.

According to him, the Left also agrees that there is no reason in the world for police to decide the fate of a person, "but that is the nature of opposition, " so it continues to oppose the law.

"The state is a good place to live, our situation is really good when measured by every parameter. Israel is the best place to live," Smotrich said.

"Not everything is perfect, there is still a great deal more to aspire to in the State of Israel, but we are at a very good stage - morally, educationally, socially, in terms of security - and politically. I think that ultimately, in terms of integrity as well, Israel is not a corrupt country. ".

Smotrich noted that there are always corrupt individuals, and they are dealt with by law enforcement authorities decisively, “perhaps too decisively.”

"We are the farthest thing that could be from a corrupt country."

"I suggest the opposition look for other ways of convincing people why the government needs to be changed instead of feeding lies to the citizens of Israel with a lack of responsibility that only lowers morale and clouds the atmosphere in Israeli society - a pity.”

The prime minister is not upset by the coming police recommendations, which may be against him - not at all. What do you think?

"First of all, essentially the Prime Minister is right, the police recommendations are something that have an effect, [but] they are certainly not the deciding factor. Very large percentages of police recommendations at the end of the day are not accepted by the State Attorney's Office,so no indictments are filed, and even when indictments are filed, there is not always a conviction."

Smotrich stresses that it is impossible to give the police the keys to forming and dismantling the coalition and going to elections. "This is not correct from a democratic point of view, it makes no sense. The law on the matter is very clear, even when an indictment is filed.”

"At the same time, it is clear that when we say the word 'recommendations' it is a very general heading. You have to see what's there. To say today what decision we will make ... it is not legitimate and not responsible. The police will publish what they will, we will see what is written therein, and we can make informed decisions."

Last Saturday, Smotrich participated in a demonstration by residents of southern Tel Aviv in front of the home of Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut.

"The residents of neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv groan under the burden of the [African] infiltrators who occupy southern Tel Aviv and create an absolutely intolerable reality there. We demonstrated against the real dictatorial regime in the State of Israel, against the real corruption in Israel: The judicial activism that does not allow us, the elected officials, and the people, to rule and make decisions. "

According to Smotrich, the Supreme Court's activism severely harms the Jewish identity of the state and its quality of life.

He called to ignore the leftist demonstrations on Rothschild Boulevard and explained why the demonstrators are hypocritical . "These are political demonstrations that falsely bear the banner of a war against corruption as a political tool, something which doesn’t contain a drop of truth.”

"We did not see these demonstrations against the corruption of Sharon and Olmert. You have to be stupid to think there's one ounce of truth in the protests. There are very few people who fall for it. I think that most of the public understands that there is nothing truthful about it," Smotrich concluded.