OU applauds American veto at Security Council

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America welcomes veto of resolution calling for withdrawal of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU), the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, on Monday applauded U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, and the Trump Administration, for vetoing a proposed Security Council resolution calling for the withdrawal of President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The 14 other member-states voted in favor of the Egyptian resolution, with only the United States opposing it.

OU President Mark (Moishe) Bane said, “We strongly applaud Ambassador Nikki Haley and the Trump Administration for defending its decision and for once again standing by its ally, Israel. Jerusalem has been the political, cultural and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years, and it is truly shameful for the international community to once again attempt to deny this.”

OU Executive Director for Public Policy Nathan Diament added, “Coming almost exactly one year after the prior Administration abstained from an anti-Israel resolution in the Security Council (Res. 2334) – the veto cast by Ambassador Haley, and her powerful statement that this Administration would have cast a veto one year ago, is a welcome affirmation that the U.S. is standing strongly by Israel.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu praised Haley for vetoing the resolution.

"Thank you, Ambassador Haley," Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter account. "On Hanukkah, you spoke like a Maccabi. You lit a candle of truth. You dispel the darkness [as they did]. One defeated the many. Truth defeated lies. Thank you, President Trump. Thank you, Nikki Haley."

The Palestinian Authority, meanwhile, slammed the veto, with a spokesperson for chairman Mahmoud Abbas saying it was "unacceptable" and adding that it "threatens the stability of the international community because it disrespects it."