'This is the rubble of the destroyed house'

Residents of Netiv Ha'avot give Jewish Home MKs pieces of building destroyed on court orders despite appeals.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

destroyed building in Netiv Ha'avot
destroyed building in Netiv Ha'avot
campaign to save Netiv Ha'avot

During the weekly faction meeting of the Jewish Home Party, residents of the Nativ Ha'avot neighborhood of Gush Etzion entered and distributed, with the help of faction chairman Shuli Moalem, ministers and Knesset members, pieces of the first building that was demolished in the neighborhood last week.

The Supreme Court ordered the complete demolition of 17 houses in Net Ha'avot, despite the fact the a number of the houses only had a few inches constructed on privately owned land.

A carpentry shop in Netiv Ha'avot was demolished on the orders of the court last month.

The residents asked the Jewish Home members to act to regulate their neighborhood in order to save their homes and other homes from demolition.

The residents said: "The purpose of the idea is to divide the government into account, to remember the destruction and the existing neighborhood, and to think twice about how to prevent the continuation of the demolition and how to prevent the Supreme Court ruling that the 16 houses in Netiv Ha'avot must be destroyed by March 2018."

"It is clear that the Jewish Home faction is trying to find solutions, but like the rest of the Israeli government, the right-wing government, we expect that they will do more to settle the neighborhood," the headquarters said.

They added, "It is time to provide solutions and not to make excuses after the expected destruction. We want them to always remember us."