Rivlin at condolence visit: 'A true reason to lament'

President pays condolence visit today at home of family of Sergeant Ron Yitzchak Kukia, murdered in Arad stabbing attack.

Mordechai Sones,

Rivlin at Kukia family shiva
Rivlin at Kukia family shiva
Mark Neiman - GPO

President Reuven Rivlin paid a condolence visit at the home of the late Sergeant Ron Yitzhak Kukia, murdered in the stabbing attack in Arad on Thursday.

During his visit to the grieving family's home, the President heard about Ron and his family. His father, Boaz, told the President about his military service as a paratrooper and about his sons' service both in the Nahal Brigade and in the paratroopers.

The President told Boaz that his words from Ron's funeral resonated, and heard from him about Ron's service as the company commander's driver and communications operator. "It was good for him, and he got to know the company commander's character and see things from a broad perspective," said Boaz.

His mother, Livneh, asked the President to pass on her request to clarify instructions for soldier's procedures on their way to and from base in order to increase safety.

The President expressed deep sorrow over the loss, warmly embraced the family, and said, "This is a real cause for lament, our being here instead of being with you at your family celebrations. We kept track of the hunt and followed the search for the murderers. This is a terrible blow to the entire country. What do we tell a mother? What do we tell a father? A glorious child. The IDF will give the instructions you requested and learn the lessons. We will stay with you, and you will yet see us at your celebrations."

"We will continue, because this is the will of those who have fallen. We will live and act and continue," said Ron's father and the President thanked him for his words, "You took the words from my mouth; I came to comfort you and here you are, like a real company commander in the Paratroop Corps, strengthening us."

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