'We were afraid of another knock at the door'

Activist had started moving his life back to Samaria after expiration of distancing order, when he received an unpleasant surprise.

Ido ben Porat,

Meir Ettinger
Meir Ettinger
Flash 90

Right-wing activist Meir Ettinger and his family had planned to return to living in Judea and Samaria, after being barred from the area for 32 months by an administrative distancing order.

In light of the expiration of the order last week, Ettinger sent a letter to Central Command to verify that the order would not be renewed.

After he received no response, Ettinger began to move his life back to Samaria. But then, on Monday, he unexpectedly received another order barring him from returning to Judea and Samaria.

On his Twitter account, Ettinger said, "Last week I finished three years of being distanced from Judea and Samaria. We finally wanted to go home, but we were afraid that a we would get a knock at the door from a policeman with an order for another six months. "

As stated, Ettinger sent a letter to the Central Command, but was ignored.

"They did not answer. We waited a week. My wife canceled her work in central Israel. We took the kid out of his daycare. We informed the owner of the apartment that we were leaving. We signed a new contract," Ettinger said, explaining that he then received a new distancing order yesterday.

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