Israeli patrolman comes to aid of stranded bride and groom

Netivei Israel patrolman aids bride and groom stranded on the way to their wedding.


Bride on her way to her wedding
Bride on her way to her wedding

An Israeli patrolman who stopped for a car broken down on Israel’s highway 4 discovered a stranded bride and groom on the way to their own wedding.

The patrolman, part of Netivei Israel National Traffic Management Center, a government-owned service that helps drivers with car trouble on Israel’s highways, determined that the car needed to be repaired in a garage and offered to drive the couple to their wedding in his car.

The patrolman not only asked his main office to allow him to drive the couple to their wedding, but also asked for and received permission to decorate the patrol car as is traditional for wedding cars.

The episode occurred near Yavne in central Israel last week, Hadashot news reported Saturday evening.

The center has 26 drivers operating 10 cars that travel the country’s highways to help drivers forced to pull over on the highway due to engine trouble, flat tires, or overheated radiators, for example.