Rocker Bryan Adams lands in Israel

Canadian rock star Bryan Adams arrives in Israel for three concerts - despite past comments accusing Israel of 'crime against humanity'.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Bryan Adams arrives in Israel
Bryan Adams arrives in Israel
Ariel Efron

The Canadian rock star Bryan Adams arrived in Israel Sunday, ahead of three concerts planned in the Jewish state this week.

Adams, 58, is slated to perform in Tel Aviv’s Menora Mivtachim Arena on Monday and Tuesday, with a third performance scheduled for Jerusalem’s Pais Arena on Wednesday.

A promoter for Adams’ Israeli shows said Sunday night that both of the Tel Aviv shows had already sold out, and that the Jerusalem show nearly sold out as well.

Adams arrived in Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport at 5:30 p.m. Sunday on an El Al flight, along with bandmates, road staff, and other personnel – some 30 in all.

The son of a diplomat, Bryans lived briefly in Israel as a child, as well as Portugal and Austria.

In 2014, Bryan drew criticism for a series of scathing tweets in the midst of Israel’s conflict with the Hamas terror group in Gaza.

“I can’t speak for others, I only speak for myself: I say the war against Gaza was a crime against humanity,” Bryan wrote.

“The UK PM is sending 20M in aid to #Gaza. Where is Canada’s support for the Palestinian people?”

“The Israeli blockade of #Gaza just entered its 8th year, leaving its 1.7 million inhabitants destitute.”

“The annexation of the Palestinians must stop!!”