'The Arabs' audacity and our loss of deterrence is disturbing'

National Union leader says near-lynch of Jewish children is the result of a lack of deterrence, weak policies.

Chana Roberts ,

Arab stone-throwers who assaulted Israeli children near Kusra clash with IDF
Arab stone-throwers who assaulted Israeli children near Kusra clash with IDF
Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

National Union Secretary-General Ofir Sofer spoke out Thursday on the attempted lynch in Samaria.

"Our weakness in fighting terror will cause the deaths of many innocent civilians" Sofer said. "The awful event which occurred today in Samaria, in which Arabs acted violently, attacking a group of children and battling security guards face-to-face, is the result of our loss of control and weakness in dealing with terror."

"The Arabs' audacity, and our loss of control, is disturbing. The security guard's reaction to his friend's gun being snatched saved lives."

The National Union ran on a joint list with the Jewish Home in 2013 and 2015. It is currently represented in the Knesset by Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel and MK Bezalel Smotrich.

On Thursday, a group of children and 2 adults from Samaria was attacked by an Arab lynch mob near the Samarian town of Migdalim. The rioters threw stones and rocks at the children and youngsters, and the group was forced to take refuge along the steep cliffs nearby, facing danger to their lives both from the rocks thrown at them and the dangerous terrain.

Miraculously, the group found a cave in the area, where it hid until the arrival of the army. While the hikers were in the cave, the Arabs sprayed tear gas at them, also attempting to enter the cave and lynch them.