Spiritual map reading: A guide to spiritual awareness

Spiritual awareness enables us to read life's map and arrive at our destination.

Lazer Brody,

Rabbi Lazer Brody
Rabbi Lazer Brody
Yoni Kempinski

Spiritual awareness (SA) is the knowledge and intellectual power derived from activating the divine soul. Since the divine soul within each human is both eternal and totally spiritual, SA gives us the power to transcend all physical limitations, including time and space. SA widens our intellectual horizons, grants us extrasensory perception, and enables the mind to rule over the body.

The spiritually aware recognize that a supernatural power – God, The Creator, The Almighty, The Holy One, or however you prefer to call Him – is the ongoing creator and sustainer of the entire universe. Moreover, the spiritually aware are capable of distinguishing God's presence within themselves and within every other creation – mineral, plant, animal, and man. Spiritual awareness enhances one's comprehension of oneself and of the environment, and thereby broadens intellectual horizons and expands personal potential.

The dynamics of SA: The more a person activates the soul, the more he or she develops spiritual awareness. The more one attains spiritual awareness, the more one's divine soul develops and thrives. The more a soul thrives, the more intimate a person's relationship with God. The closer one gets to God, the more one achieves inner peace and overcomes emotional ailments.

This broadcast features melodies from the 'Judean Dream' album, featuring Lazer Brody and Guy Tzvi Mintz, with Yosef Karduner and Daniel Ahaviel.


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