Temperatures drop, rain expected in coastal plain, north

Israel's north, coastline receive rainfall, while the rest of the country experiences a cold, dry, week.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Winter weather
Winter weather
Flash 90

Following Israel's first snowfall and a week of rain, Israelis all over the country continue to brace for cold weather. Rainfall this week, however, will limit itself to Israel's north and coastline.

Monday will be partly cloudy, with a slight drop in temperatures. Temperatures will be below seasonal average. Light local rains may fall along the coast.

Temperatures are expected to be 12-21 degrees Celsius (53.6-69.8 degrees Fahrenheit) in Kiryat Shmona, 9-15 (48.2-59) degrees in Tzfat, 12-22 (53.6-71.6) degrees in Tiberias, and 11-18 (51.8-64.4) degrees in Nazareth. Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Ashkelon will be between 13-21 degrees Celsius (55.4-69.8 degrees Fahrenheit), while Jerusalem's temperatures will range between 9-16 (48.2-60.8) degrees. In the south, Be'er Sheva's temperatures will range between 9-20 degrees Celsius (48.2-68 degrees Fahrenheit), Arad's between 9-18 (48.2-64.4) degrees, and Eilat's between 15-25 (59-77) degrees.

Monday night will be partly cloudy, with local rainfall along the coast.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy, and temperatures will rise slightly.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy with a drop in temperatures. Local rains may fall in Israel's north and along the coast.

Thursday is expected to be partly cloudy or clear, and temperatures will rise slightly.

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