10% of IDF recruits foreign-born

The IDF Spokesperson's Office published interesting data about the recruits to infantry units in the coming month.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Recruitment center
Recruitment center
IDF Spokesperson

The latest recruitment cycle for the IDF infantry units began last Sunday.

The recruitment cycle will end in exactly one month, on December 17. In each of the recruitment days, hundreds of new soldiers are expected to join the IDF.

Sixty-three percent of the recruits are men and 37% are women. The average age of the recruits is 18.9 years old. 4.9% of all recruits are graduates of pre-military preparatory courses.

According to figures published by the IDF Spokesperson, 10% of the conscripts were not born in Israel. 605 new immigrants are enlisting in this recruitment cycle. The countries with the highest numbers enlisting in the current cycle are the United States (393), Ukraine (305), Ethiopia (259), Russia (239), and France (193).

Recruits also came from Australia, Armenia, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, Hong Kong, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Spain, Iraq, Finland, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Costa Brava, and Switzerland.

In the past week, soldiers have joined the Nahal Brigade, the Kfir Brigade, and later the Engineering Corps, the Combat Battalions Brigade, the Givati ​​Brigade, the Golani Brigade, the Paratroopers Brigade, the Border Police, the Armored Corps, the Artillery Corps, the Irgun fighters, the infantry battalions, the Rescue and Rescue Division, the Air Defense, the Netzach Yehuda Battalion and the Bedouin Regiment.