PM honored by Hevron Jewish community

Leaders of Hevron's Jewish community honor PM for support for community, celebrate 50th anniversary of Jewish return to ancient Jewish city.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Netanyahu with Hevron Jewish leaders
Netanyahu with Hevron Jewish leaders
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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with the leadership of the Jewish community in Hevron and the Chairman of the Yesha Council, who wished to thank him for his efforts to develop and strengthen the Jewish community in Hevron, and especially for the development of the Hezekiah quarter in the holy city.

The meeting was attended by Yesha Council Chairman Hananel Dorani, Head of the Jewish Community Administration in Hevron Avraham Ben Yosef, Director General of the Jewish Community of Hevron Uri Karzen and members of the community leadership Orit Struck and Hillel Horowitz.

The leadership of the community gave the prime minister a certificate of appreciation and a medal commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Jewish return to Hevron. In addition, they presented the Prime Minister with a book published by Bar-Ilan University summarizing the findings of archaeological excavations at the ancient site of Tel Hevron, where the magnificent remains of the Jewish settlement from the Second Temple period were found, including ritual baths, coins, pottery shards and more.

The leaders of the Jewish community wrote a message in the book: "Truth will grow from the land (a biblical verse, ed.). To the Prime Minister of Israel, MK Binyamin Netanyahu, who carries the flag of our historic right to this land and the city of our forefathers, and is collecting new discoveries about ancient Jewish life in the city of our forefathers."

The document quotes the Prime Minister from a letter he sent to the Jewish community of Hevron: "Hevron is the city of the Patriarchs, the first city of the monarchy, and its Jewish settlement is anchored in ancient historical merit, as well as in government decisions and international agreements." The prime minister added: "We will continue to build."

The Bible relates how Abraham, the first Patriarch of the Jewish People, purchased the land upon which the Cave of the Patriarchs stands (Me'arat Hamachpelah) in order to bury his wife Sarah there. All the Biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs except for Rachel are buried there. King David began his reign in Hevron, later conquering Jerusalem and moving the seat of the monarchy to that city. Hevron had a Jewish community until 1929, when Arabs carried out a barbaric pogrom, cruelly slaughtering the neighbors they had lived with in peace for years. Jews returned to the city in 1967 at the end of the Six Day War.