Arab man activates siren to clear road of vehicles

Hevron resident traveling on Route 60 activates siren identical to that of police, to clear the road for his passage.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

הפעיל סירנה כדי לפנות את הכביש
הפעיל סירנה כדי לפנות את הכביש


An Arab man who was traveling today along Route 60 near the community of Karmei Tzur north of Hevron activated a siren identical in sound to that of a police siren, in order to clear the road of drivers so that he could pass them.

The vehicle was stopped by police, who found that the driver, an Arab man from Hevron, had installed a siren system on his car, so as to clear the road for his convenience.

The driver was handed a ticket for activating the unauthorized siren system, and the system was dismantled from the vehicle.

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