Watch: Hospital security guards attacked in parking lot

Security guards at hospital in northern Israel attacked by four youths.

Orli Harari ,

Attack at hospital in Nahariya
Attack at hospital in Nahariya

Security guards at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya were attacked last night at the entrance to the visitors' parking lot by four young men in their 20s.

The security guards were attacked following an argument over unpaid parking, as the four tried to cross the exit barrier without paying.

Three of the vehicle’s occupants surrounded a security guard and began to curse and push him. Soon they began beating him and attacking other security guards.

Two of the young men suspected of the attack were detained until police arrived, while the other two fled.

Two security guards were lightly injured and needed emergency-room treatment, after one was hit in the nose and the other suffered a facial injury.

The hospital said, "We view with great severity any attempt to disrupt public order and harm the staff of the medical center. We are confident that Israel Police will know to employ the full extent of the law as part of the importance of eradicating the phenomenon of violence that unfortunately often occurs and endangers human life. Zero tolerance for all forms of violence should be employed to prevent the next incident. "