The blacklist of Israel's new boycott law

Legal officials reveal organizations liable to be sued under new law targeting Israel-boycotters, insofar as their activity continues.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

BDS activists
BDS activists
Danon's Bureau

Senior legal officials revealed to Israel Hayom the blacklist of organizations that are likely to be sued under the “Boycott Law,” after it is approved and takes effect.

According to the amended Law, a body or person who encourages any sort of boycott of Israel or Israeli institutions simply for being Israeli is liable to be sued for 100 thousand shekels without proof of damages, and for 500 thousand shekels if tangible damage is proven to have been caused.

According to the report this morning, one of the organizations on the list is “Who Profits,” a group which wages campaigns for the boycott of Israeli companies and helps BDS campaigns around the world locate companies against which to act.

Another organization likely to be sued is “Boycott from Within,” a group of avowed Israeli BDS activists who work to boycott Israel academically, culturally and economically, and pressure artists planning to perform in Israel to cancel their performances.

A third organization likely to be sued is “Amnesty International,” which has called on its website, in international ads, and on its Facebook page for all countries to boycott products from Judea and Samaria, and to impose a weapons embargo on the State of Israel, claiming that Israel is guilty of war crimes and that “the settlements” constitute a war crime.

A fourth organization to be sued is “Coalition of Women for Peace,” an organization that cooperates with “Who Profits.”

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