Serial divorcer breaks new record

Wife refuses to accept divorce, relents only after husband offers $3,400.

Eliran Aharon,


A serial divorcer on Wednesday morning broke the record when he got divorced for the eighth time in Jerusalem's Rabbinical Court.

The eighth divorce was finalized only after the man's wife finally agreed to accept the get (writ of divorce), which she had initially refused.

The husband, a resident of Jerusalem, lived with his eighth wife, who had not been married before, for a total of four months. When the husband decided to divorce his wife, however, she disappeared. The man turned to the Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem, demanding a divorce, but the wife refused to appear in the court, despite being ordered to do so.

The court then told the husband to attempt to locate his wife, after he told them she likes to pray at the graves of righteous people, and often sleeps there. However, when the husband failed to locate his wife, the rabbinical judges transferred the case to the court's Estranged Spouses Department. The woman was finally found living in a private apartment in Tel Aviv, and was arrested.

After spending a night in jail, the wife was brought to the Rabbinical Court, where she refused to divorce her husband. The judges then demanded the husband provide compensation for her difficult financial situation, since she did not have a marriage contract requiring such support.

The husband was ultimately persuaded to pay his recalcitrant wife 12,000 NIS ($3400), after which she agreed to accept the divorce.