Twitter to allow 280-character tweets

Twitter to double the number of characters allowed in a tweet.

Elad Benari ,


Twitter announced on Tuesday it would roll out 280-character tweets to users across the world, doubling the number of characters from 140 today, Reuters reports.

The company said it ran a test on 280-character tweets in September that showed users spent less time editing their tweets and were less likely to abandon them.

Users posting in languages including Japanese, Korean and Chinese, which do not face the issue of “cramming”, will continue to have a limit of 140 characters, Twitter said.

The company did not say when it would start allowing users to post 280-character tweets.

Twitter was in the news just last week, after an employee on their last day of work took down U.S. President Donald Trump’s account for 11 minutes.

The company initially said Trump's account was taken down in error. It later said it added safeguards to prevent similar security lapses, but provided no details of the new measures.