Eight gifts for eight nights: Hanukkah gifts for kids

Hanukkah is coming - and with it, the need to find eight night's worth of suitable gifts for your children.


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Hanukkah is coming! The eight-day extravaganza is every child’s favorite holiday, and it’s not just because of the exciting story and excess of donuts. The tradition of giving gifts on Hanukkah has won the holiday its place in children’s hearts across the world – but this often makes for a stressful run-up to the holiday.

As well as the pressure of procuring eight perfect gifts, there’s also another question: should you buy the latest shiny gadget your kid has his eye on? Hanukkah is a story of Jewish triumph over adversary in the Holy Land, making it the perfect time to reaffirm your children's pride in their Judaism and in Israel.

Here are our top eight Hanukkah gifts for children with a bonus tip for busy parents: buy online for hassle-free holiday shopping!

Yair Emanuel Colorful Train Menorah for Kids

Use your kid’s excitement about Hanukkah presents to get them involved in the beauty of the holiday’s mitzvot. This brightly colored train menorah is made from aluminum and features an engine and two carriages complete with spinning wheels!
Yair Emanuel Colorful Train Menorah

RRP: $167

Your Price: $112

Yair Emanuel Large Wooden Dreidel – Jerusalem

The classic dreidel game is a Hanukkah favorite, so delight your kids with a beautifully made wood dreidel that’s been handpainted with a gorgeous Jerusalem motif. Perfect for playing dreidel on Hanukkah and for displaying throughout the year, it’s infinitely superior to its cheap plastic counterparts.

Yair Emanuel Handpainted Wood Dreidel

RRP: $25

Your Price: $15.99

Teddy Bear with Israeli Flag Sweatshirt

Plush toys are perfect gifts for kids and this gorgeous little teddy is the perfect way to make sure Israel is always on their minds! The bear wears a sweatshirt embossed with an Israeli flag, with another in a heart shape on his foot. Cute and super affordable, this bear will make a great Hanukkah gift.

Teddy Flad with Israeli Flag Sweatshirt

RRP: $17

Your Price: $9.99

Noah’s Ark Alphabet T-Shirt

mt-10.jpgThis brightly colored t-shirt combines two primary school favorites: the story of Noah’s Ark and the Hebrew alphabet! Available in a range of sizes and colors, this brightly colored shirt will make a fantastic gift for your little one.
Noah’s Ark Alphabet T-Shirt

RRP: $18

Your Price: $11.99

Silver Star of David Necklace

Jewelry isn’t just for grown-ups: your daughter will be delighted to receive her very first piece of real jewelry this Hanukkah! This beautiful Star of David necklace features a domed star set over a sparkling opal stone and is a perfect first necklace for a big little girl.

RRP: $60

Your Price: $39.99

Gaya Intelligent Gaming Wood Noah’s Ark Puzzle

High-quality, handmade wood puzzles are an amazing way to convince your kids that they’re better off without their screens. This gorgeous puzzle is set in a square frame and includes eight intricate animal puzzle pieces, and will provide hours of animal entertainment for your little ones!

RRP: $44.99

Your Price: $29.99

Do-It-Yourself Oil Lamp Mosaic Kit

Do-It-Yourself-Mosaic-Kit-Oil-Lamp_large.jpgKids love crafts, so why not indulge a passion for creativity with a Hanukkah-themed craft project? This fantastic kit includes everything you need to complete your mosaic, including tiles, grout, glue, a stamped board and all necessary instructions in English. It’s a great way to get arty over the holiday!

Do-It-Yourself Oil Lamp Mosaic Kit

RRP: $20

Our Price: $12.99

Israel Map Wall Clock

If your kid is learning how to tell the time, deck out their bedroom with this amazing Israel clock! They’ll be able to practice their new skill on a clock decorated with a vibrant and fun map of Israel complete with city names, landmarks, and happy figures.

Colorful Wall Clock – Israel Map

RRP: $30

Your Price: $19.99

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