Arabs target Samaria community under 'olive harvest' cover

Yitzhar locals protest Arab entry into neighborhood premises. 'So many terror attacks have taken place during the so-called 'olive harvest.'

Mordechai Sones,

Arab approach to Yitzhar
Arab approach to Yitzhar
Courtesy of the photographer

Dozens of Arabs from Huwara accompanied by far-left organization Rabbis for Human Rights operatives arrived this morning (Sunday) a short distance from the houses of Yitzhar's Lahava neighborhood.

There are no organized and cultivated orchards in the area, and of the dozens of Arab men who arrived there, only a few carried agricultural equipment.

Community residents are in the area to protest the Arab entry into the neighborhood. A large contingent of IDF and Border Guard forces arrived at the scene.

Uriah Cohen, the head of Yitzhar's secretariat, says this represents a serious failure. "Every year the leftist organizations increase pressure on the security establishment to allow a harvest very close to the houses of the community, and this time they reached an area that is clearly not an agricultural area, a very small distance from the homes of the community."

According to him, "so many infiltration attacks in our communities have taken place during the so-called 'olive harvest' and unfortunately it seems that the security establishment is yielding to the unacceptable and dangerous pressure of extreme leftist organizations."