Technology and apps may have a place in your family finances

Does millennial investors' reliance on tech affect their finances?

Douglas Goldstein,


Millennial investors are the biggest generation in American history, and the most tech orientated. How does their reliance on technology affect their finances?

Doug Goldstein, CFP, director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., and Stephen Rischall, one of Investopedia's most influential financial advisors, discuss the stereotypes versus the reality of how millennial investors approach their financial planning.

Stephen shares his experiences with his millennial clients and what he has learned from them. Tune in to hear what you can learn from the 'social media generation!'

What is the right way to discuss finances in your marriage? Doug tells a story about a meeting he had with a couple that was just the perfect example of good family financial planning. He shares some of the habits that can help investors find their own family financial balance.

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