'Almost all Israeli students in Belgium are Mossad agents'

Anti-Israel professor at screening of Israeli film says Israel a 'foreign body,' 'open secret' young Israelis sent to Belgium by Mossad.

Gary Willig,

Pro-BDS display
Pro-BDS display
Flash 90

A Belgian academic said that nearly all Israeli students in Belgium are "Mossad Agents" at the screening of an Israeli movie at a film festival this week.

Professor Marianne Blume was invited to speak at the screening of 'This is my Land,' a film directed by French-Israeli director Tamara Erde addressing the competing narratives of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Blume issued an anti-Israel diatribe at the screening, according to Belgian Jewish news site Joods Actueel. The site reported that she stated that it is an "open secret" that "almost all Israeli students in our country are agents of the Mossad."

She called Israel a "foreign body" in the Middle East and stated that "everything that comes from Israel should be boycotted."

Blume further disparaged Belgium's cooperation with Israel in the field of counter-terrorism, calling such cooperation a "threat to our democracy."

Blume lived in the Gaza Strip from 1995 to 2005 and taught at the Al Azhar University during that time.

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