Build your perfect investment portfolio

Useful for anyone who is NOT an average investor

Douglas Goldstein,


Doug Goldstein, CFP®, director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., and Ken French, Professor of Finance at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, discuss how to create a 'perfect portfolio.'

Professor French suggests that most investors aren't average, and therefore need to customize their portfolios. Investments should be based on personal goals and comfort level. Listen to learn how to look at the market as a whole, and customize an investment strategy that is perfect for you. Hint: it has to do with understanding your personal financial goals.

You really want this to happen, but It could ruin you financially.

Doug discusses the impact of living longer on financial planning. He recalls his discussion he had with Professor Robert Merton on the topic, where they explored the problems caused by a longer lifespan. Doug boils down the main takeaways from the conversation and offers three tips for investors needing to prepare their portfolio for a longer retirement.

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