Bandage discovered in croissant at IDF dining hall

IDF kitchen closed after soldier bites into croissant - and finds a bandage inside.

Tal Polon,

soldiers eating
soldiers eating
yaakov naumi/flash90

Soldiers on the Zikim military base near Gaza were unpleasantly surprised when a bandage was discovered baked into a croissant at the base’s dining hall, 0404 reported.

According to 0404, the baked bandage was discovered after a female soldier tried taking a bite out of the croissant in question.

Soldiers told 0404 that the base suffers from hygienic issues in general, with cockroaches inside food and dead mice around the base common sights.

In response to the latest incident, the IDF Spokesperson said, according to 0404, that “The IDF views such incidents with severity and works constantly to afford its soldiers the conditions required for them.”

“The incident was brought to the attention of the commanders,will be investigated and disciplinary action will be taken accordingly.

“Within the framework of initial investigations, it was decided to close the kitchen and take actions that will return it to a state where it is suitable for use.”

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