Likud demands Netanyahu fulfill his promise

Likud forum demands PM fulfill promise to build new homes for Migron families 5 years after their homes were destroyed, save Netiv Avot.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Temporary homes for Migron residents
Temporary homes for Migron residents
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The Likud Zion Forum, which brings together more than 10,000 party members, as well as members of the Likud Central community, sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this week, demanding that the promise to build a permanent communities for the evacuees of Migron be fulfilled.

"The residents of the community, some 50 families with more than 200 children, have been living for five years in a temporary trailer site at Givat Hayekeb," the forum members note in their letter to Netanyahu.

"To this day, five years after their evacuation, the construction of permanent homes has not yet begun, despite the government's decision on the eve of the evacuation of the settlement, which stipulates that a permanent neighborhood should be built on the slopes of the Migron ridge," the letter continued.

"The residents of the Netiv Ha'avot neighborhood in Gush Etzion petitioned the Supreme Court not to completely demolish their homes because of a few meters [whose ownership is unclear], but instead [the court] wants to see their homes completely destroyed. The other nine houses were intended for demolition according to the Surpreme Court, despite the fact that the government, under your authority, passed the Regulation Law specifically to prevent such phenomena, which do not conform to common sense, and certainly do not conform to a Zionist outlook.

In light of this, the members of the forum wrote: "We are asking you to take action to bring the subject of approval of the validity of the plan to the next meeting of the Supreme Planning Council. In addition, we wish to hold a working meeting on promoting and removing barriers and planning difficulties that require your intervention. Another request is that you examine the possibility that the Likud faction headed by you will support coalition contacts for legislation that will allow for the retroactive implementation of the Regulation Law in the Netiv Ha'avot neighborhood. This ... may correct the terrible injustice currently facing the government. "

"We ask you to hold a meeting with us on these issues - promoting the construction of the permanent site for the settlement of Migron, a declaration by the Likud on legislation that will allow retroactive implementation of the Regulation Law, and leading the government to take practical steps to implement the recommendations of the Edmond Levy report."

The Edmond Levy report, headed by late Supreme Justice Levy and commissioned by PM Netanyahu, concluded that the status of Judea and Samaria is not that of occupied territory and allowed for Jewish construction in the region. Netanyahu has not brought the report to the Cabinet for approval.

"The destruction of Migron is a stain on the Likud government," said Zvi Gilo, a representative of the residents of Migron, who said that "this is one way to correct the past failure: to take responsibility for the settlement and build Migron now."