Marseille terrorist was released one day prior to attack

Police say terrorist who stabbed two women to death at French train station was arrested several times for theft.

Nissan Tzur,

Scene of Marseilles terror atack
Scene of Marseilles terror atack

French media reported that the terrorist who pepetrated Sunday's stabbing attack in Marseille was arrested several times for theft.

On Sunday, two women were murdered at the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille when a man brandishing a knife began stabbing travelers waiting at the station. The terrorist was killed by police officers who arrived at the scene shortly after the terror attack began. ISIS claimed the terror attack several hours after it occurred, saying it was in response to anti-ISIS activities in Syria.

The terrorist was caught after stealing products several times from Lyon supermarkets, but was released every time. The last time he was released was just one day before the Marseilles attack.

A senior French police officer noted that the terrorist used different false identities during his previous arrests, and authorities are currently investigating if he had accomplices directly connected to ISIS. Investigators hope that the terrorist's phone will shed light on possible ISIS connections or other accomplices.

"Maybe the public will be astonished by the fact that the suspect was released just prior to the attack, but thefts usually end with a fine and an order to appear in court at a later date," the officer said. "There was nothing to cause us to suspect the terrorist posed a violent threat."

French police will hold a press conference on Monday evening in order to provide additional details about the attack. .

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