Man who stole from maternity ward patient sentenced to prison

Man steals over 10,000 NIS from maternity ward patient, investigation shows suspect is a repeat offender.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Jail (illustration)
Jail (illustration)

A 49-year-old Petah Tikva man who stole from a maternity ward patient was sentenced to nine months in prison.

Among the stolen items were credit cards, a checkbook, 400 shekels in cash, and an envelope with 10,000 NIS.

After the patient filed a report, Israel Police opened an investigation which concluded with the suspect's arrest.

According to the investigation, the maternity ward theft was not the suspect's first, and he had previously been involved and charged with public property thefts. An indictment was filed as soon as police had enough information on the case.

The suspect has been under arrest for three months, and was sentenced to an additional nine months, for a total of one year in prison.

An Israel Police spokesperson said, "Israel Police will continue the fight to arrest and bring to justice all those who steal. We will do our best to ensure these people end up behind bars."