Suspect in Edmonton attacks linked with ISIS

Police say they are investigating vehicular rampages, stabbing in Canadian city as terror. ISIS flag found in one vehicle, suspect arrested.

Dalit Halevy,

ISIS flag
ISIS flag

Edmonton Police in the Canadian province of Alberta arrested a 30-year-old whose name has not yet been cleared for publication on suspicions of terror attacks committed last night, Saturday.

On Saturday night at 8:15 pm, a car rammed into a police vehicle parked near a sports stadium in Edmonton. The driver exited the vehicle and started to stab the policeman, after which he fled the scene on foot.

Later, close to midnight, a policeman stopped a suspect driving a U-Haul vehicle. The policeman found that the name of the driver resembled that of the driver of the car that crashed into the police vehicle hours earlier.

The truck driver tried to escape, with police in hot pursuit. During the chase, the truck driver intentionally tried to hit pedestrians on two streets. A policeman and a number of civilians were injured in the two incidents and evacuated for medical care.

As mentioned, the driver was arrested, and police stated that the incidents are being investigated as terror acts. Inside the truck, a black ISIS flag was found.