Magen David Adom saves Uman stabbing victim

MDA receives phone call about Uman stabbing victim, paramedics arrive on the scene within seconds.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

MDA in Uman
MDA in Uman
Eliran Avital, MDA spokesperson

On Sunday night, Magen David Adom (MDA) in Israel received a notification that a Jew was stabbed in Uman, Ukraine, a few meters away from the gravesite of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

The call was received via MDA's special hotline, which allows Jews in Uman to call MDA's Israeli hotline free of charge.

MDA paramedics who were in Uman at the time immediately responded to the call, arriving in a matter of seconds. The volunteers administered first aid to the victim, a young man who was stabbed in his chest, transferring him to a local clinic where he received lifesaving treatment. From the clinic, the victim was transferred to a local hospital.

The man who placed the call to MDA said, "When I arrived in Uman, I saw signs with MDA's phone number, and I saved it in my phone. When I saw the stabbing victim, I immediately called MDA, and within seconds, the paramedics were at the scene. Just like it would be in Israel."

Avi Hovev, deputy director of the MDA's Jerusalem Division and the director of MDA's activities in Uman during the holidays, said that "this important phone call saved the victim's life. Thanks to the signs with MDA's number, people knew who to call at the critical moment. Volunteers arrived within minutes of being notified."

"Our staff immediately transferred the victim to a nearby clinic while making the relevant phone calls. MDA volunteers then remained by his bedside for several hours, aiding translations between the patient and hospital staff and arranging with the Foreign Ministry to bring the victim back to Israel."

MDA paramedic Dan Drori, who heads MDA's delegation to Uman, said, "Tens of thousands of people who arrived at the grave of Rabbi Nachman were moved to see our volunteers, and we saw their appreciation every moment. During one of the days, our volunteers found themselves evacuating people from a burning hotel, and conducted rescue operations for several hours. Thanks to the volunteers' quick work, the event concluded with no injuries. In Uman, visitors knew they had whom to turn to. Every time we met visitors to Uman, we received a warm thank you."

Drori also said MDA personnel treated six asthmatic visitors, one of whom suffered a severe attack.

"Over 100 volunteers worked tirelessly during the entire Rosh Hashanah holiday in order to save lives. I thank our volunteers, who dedicated their time to saving lives," he said. "I thank their director, Yedidya Meltzer, and the logistics coordinator, Shmil David, for their part in ensuring the success of this complicated medical security operation."

Cooperating with MDA in Uman were ZAKA, Hatzalah Yavniel, Hatzalah Judea and Samaria, and Hatzalah Galilee. Together, these organizations treated over 150 Israelis, most of whom were transferred to a local clinic and accompanied by volunteers.

MDA CEO Eli Bin said, "MDA volunteers work 24 hours a day to save lives. Our activities are unlimited and are not confined to Israel's borders... Every Jew who visits Rabbi Nachman's grave at this time of year should know MDA, Israel's national rescue organization, is there with him and will help with any medical needs."