House cleaner or jewelry thief?

Jerusalem woman advertises cleaning services, steals customers' jewelry, cash.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


Israel Police investigated several complaints about thefts in Jerusalem, interrogating a 60-year-old female resident of the city.

According to the complaints, householders answered internet ads for a cleaning service, which cleaned houses while the owners were at work. However, before the work was completed, the cleaner would call and apologize, saying she had to leave early because of a personal issue.

When the householders came home, they would find personal objects such as jewelry, watches, money, and other things missing from their homes. Several of the victims notified the police.

After receiving several complaints about the issue, Israel Police opened an investigation and began collecting testimonies and proofs.

Police arrested the "cleaner" as she walked out of an apartment she was working in. A search of her person revealed jewelry and cash which had been in the apartment. A later search of the suspect's apartment revealed additional jewelry, which police suspect was stolen from various apartments around the city.

The suspect admitted connection to several other similar thefts. She will be brought to court on Thursday.