Army Radio refuses to advertise Judea and Samaria jubilee

Army Radio and Israeli Broadcasting Corporation refuse to advertise Judea and Samaria jubilee. 'Jericho is a Palestinian city.'

Tzvi Lev,

Preparing for the celebration in Gush Etzion
Preparing for the celebration in Gush Etzion
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The state-funded Israeli Broadcast Corporation and Army Radio refused to air an advertisement for Wednesday's official event in Kfar Etzion marking 50 years since the Jewish return to Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, and the Golan Heights.

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev (Likud) had recorded a promotion for the celebration, saying that "I am happy to inform you of the government's decision to mark the anniversary of settling Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Tomb of the Patriarchs. We returned to the Tomb of the Patriarchs and to Beit El, we returned to Gamla and Jericho, we have returned to the historical parts of our land, we have returned home."

"I invite you to take part in a festive and moving ceremony in Gush Etzion with the best artists who will celebrate the 50th anniversary throughout the country," the broadcast concludes.

The recording was sent by Israel's Government Press Office (GPO) to numerous radio stations around the country in order to inform the public of the event.

According to Haaretz, while the regional radio stations broadcast the promotion, the Israeli Broadcast Corporation's radio division Reshet Bet and Army Radio cut out parts of it, contending that the words "returning home" were controversial, in addition to arguing that Jericho is "defined as a Palestinian city."

Army Radio said in response that "we did not reject the broadcast, we simply asked for clarification for the ad, just like the Israeli Broadcast Corporation did".

A number of public figures have announced their plans to boycott the event. On Tuesday it was reported that Supreme Court Chief Justice Miriam Naor decided not to represent the judicial branch at the jubilee and forbade any of the justices from attending, arguing that the event was political in nature.

In addition, the Zionist Union, the largest party in the opposition, decided to boycott the jubilee as well due to what they called "moral opposition." MK Eitan Cabel (Zionist Union) published a Facebook post in which he wrote that "no member of the Knesset from the Zionist Union should participate in the 'state ceremony marking the anniversary of the liberation of Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley, and the Golan Heights".

Cultere and Sport Minister Regev blasted the Zionist Union for boycotting the event, charging that "Golda [Meir], [Yigal] Alon, and [Yitzhak] Rabin are turning in their graves"

Yesh Atid faction leader Yair Lapid also declined to attend and will send MK Chaim Yellin instead.

The European Union’s Ambassador to Israel, Emanuele Giaufret will also not attend the event, citing "longstanding EU policy".

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