Introducing: 'Agam' by the Kinneret

Through the Agam project on the Sea of Galilee, lakeside apartments are offered at prices suitable for everyone.

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Through the "Agam" project on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), lakeside apartments are offered at prices suitable for everyone. The project benefits both from the beloved coastline and the rich history of the area.

On the shores of the Kinneret near the Rimonim Hotel and the ancient walls of Tiberias, a unique and rare real estate project is planned.

"This is a modern project," says Zeev Yochelman, the initiator of the Agam project. "You have here the power of a city with a glorious history.”

Yosef Ben David, the mayor of Tiberias, explained that this is the last remaining project in which construction close to the Kinneret will be allowed.

He said that, during the planning and building of the project, the public not only will not be harmed but will benefit. “The values of nature and view are being preserved.”

"We have one lake in Israel and I am convinced that it will become a lake no less beautiful than the lakes in Italy and no less attractive than the lakes in Geneva," says Yochelman, noting that, while anyone seeking to buy lakeside real estate abroad must be very rich, the Agam project on the Kinneret is affordable for everyone.

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