60-year-old haredi man wins big at the lottery

Five people won first prize in Tuesday's lottery, including a Galilee resident who sent two winning forms and received 22.4 million NIS.

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Lottery ticket stall
Lottery ticket stall
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A 60-year-old haredi resident of Jerusalem is one of five people who one first prize in the national lottery last week. The man won 11.2 million NIS ($3.18 million) after filling in a Double Lotto form.

In all, five people won first prize in Tuesday's lottery. One of the five filled in a regular form and won 5.6 million NIS ($1.59 million) while the others each received 11.2 million NIS ($3.18 million).

When the winner came to claim his prize, he announced that this was his second win. When asked when he had previously won the lottery, he answered that marrying his wife was his first lottery win.

The winner said that he had placed totally random numbers and that he had been granted "heavenly luck." He said that he had come alone to claim the prize because his wife was already working hard to prepare for the coming Rosh Hashana festival.

Another winner in the lottery was a 50-year-old Netanya resident who won 5.6 million NIS ($1.59 million) and remarked that "finally I can buy an apartment without a mortgage."

Earlier a winner from the Galilee region arrived and claimed 22.4 million NIS ($6.36 million) after sending the winning form twice over.