Moshe Friedman brings hi-tech to the ultra-Orthodox

Allison Josephs hosts Moshe Friedman, co-founder of Kamatech - a program that trains charedim to join the tech workforce.

Allison Josephs,

Moshe Friedman, CEO of Kamatech
Moshe Friedman, CEO of Kamatech
Courtesy of Shir Stein

Moshe Friedman lives in Bnei Brak, Israel. Moshe is haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) coming from a famous rabbinical family. He studied in the most prestigious institutions of the haredi community Yeshivat Hebron, Jerusalem & Kollel Hazon Ish Bnei Brak for more than 15 years.

At the age of 30 Moshe started a startup company and later became a social entrepreneur, who was enthusiastic about bringing more Haredi men into the Israeli workforce specially the hi-tech industry. He started two major social initiatives like KamaTech which is a coalition of 30 big hi-tech companies (i.e. Cisco, Google, Intel, IBM, etc.) to help Haredis integrate into the hi-tech industry and TicTech, an initiative of hi-tech courses and trainings for Haredis in cooperation with the U.S embassy in Israel.

Moshe also studyiedg law in the Hebrew university and selected to be a part of "Shluchi Tzibur", a joint leadership program by the Mandel Leadership Institute and the Hebrew University for young haredi emerging leaders.