'Defeat the enemy in a decisive and crushing manner'

Bennett in Northern Corps exercise: 'The era of wars that end in a draw must end. IDF forces are in good shape and high motivation level.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Bennett attending briefing
Bennett attending briefing

Education Minister Naftali Bennett visited the Northern Corps exercise today (Wednesday), accompanied by senior members of the National Security Council.

During the tour, which lasted several hours, Minister Bennett received an in-depth review of the exercise, its objectives, and the order of battle.

Minister Bennett met with force commanders and held broad discussions with fighters and soldiers in the field. "This is a very important exercise, and it's a good thing to do, especially at the present time. IDF field forces are in good standing and at a high level of motivation," Bennett said.

"The era of wars that end in a draw must end. In the next campaign we must defeat the enemy in a decisive and crushing manner, one that does not require commentary," stressed the Jewish Home chairman.

Naftali Bennett is the only minister among the cabinet ministers who confirmed participation in tour of the Northern Corps exercise.

According to a report in Yediot Ahronot, senior officials in the IDF and the defense establishment expressed astonishment at the lack of response: "This demonstrates lack of seriousness and irresponsibility on the cabinet's part because they are supposed to receive a review of one of the main threats against Israel" He said.

Two ministers, Minister Yoav Galant and Minister Moshe Kahlon, did not arrive because they are abroad, but the other members of the cabinet chose not to confirm their arrival and saw fit not to attend the exercise for no discernable reason.