'The first step towards the elimination of the Oslo Accords'

Hundreds attend National Union conference, which approves Smotrich's new diplomatic plan.

Hezki Baruch,

National Union conference
National Union conference
Or Alexenberg

Hundreds of people took part on Tuesday evening at the National Union conference which was held at the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.

At the conference, the "One Hope" plan, formulated by MK Bezalel Smotrich, was presented.

The main goal of the plan is to change the discourse and present a real alternative to all the current political plans that are on the table and which are based on dividing the land and agreeing to an Arab state in the land of Israel.

The party conference, which adopted the plan, believes that it will receive support among the Israeli public and will soon become the operative plan of the State of Israel.

National Union chairman and Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said at the conference, "The international reality requires us to initiate diplomatic moves that will benefit the State of Israel. We all know how important it is to build a home and establish a neighborhood and return to the land of Israel, but it is equally important that we promote a comprehensive diplomatic plan that will protect the towns and neighborhoods in the coming decades.”

"I am glad that the Prime Minister announces at the National Union conference that he is building the land of Israel, but he must also say this at the UN plenum and to U.S. President Donald Trump. This should not be a specific statement but a national and strategic plan," Ariel stressed.

The minister also attacked the plan for the establishment of a Palestinian state, saying, "This foolishness of the establishment of a Hamas state alongside Israel must stop because there never has been a Palestinian state and there never will be one. There has to be one state between the Jordan and the sea - the State of Israel."

MK Smotrich said at Tuesday’s conference, "After a hundred years of conflict, the time has come to decide. Israeli society is ripe for rethinking. It is tired of delusions, and it yearns for another vision – one which is more believable and trusting, which reconnects itself to its values and to its God. One which lifts our heads, which lifts our national pride and honor."

Referring to the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict, Smotrich stressed that "there will never be an Arab state between the sea and the Jordan River."

He also turned to Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas and to PA residents in his remarks, saying, "You, our Arab neighbors, have to study the plan we approved today. It is very important to you too. Good neighborliness, with rights and quality of life for you and your children and grandchildren will be yours only after you separate yourselves from the illusion of realizing your national aspirations here in the land of Israel. "

The secretary-general of the National Union, Ofir Sofer, said that "these days are days of soul searching and are worthy of renewed thinking and the revival of Israel. The plan is the first step toward changing the political discourse and toward the final elimination of the Oslo Accords.”