Netanyahu in Argentina:
'Our strength is derived from our spiritual power'

Netanyahu met with members of the Jewish community in Argentina, as part of his historic visit to South America.

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Tzvi Lev,

Netanyahu meeting with the Jewish community in Argentina
Netanyahu meeting with the Jewish community in Argentina
Avi Ohayon, GPO

Israeli Prime Minister met with leaders of the Jewish community in Argentina Tuesday, as part of his historic visit to Latin America, the first ever by a sitting Israeli premier. Netanyahu addressed Israel's military might, its technological and economic strength, and said that its status as a haven for the Jews has changed the way Jews are treated around the world.

Netanyahu was granted honorary citizenship by the city council of Mercedes De La Casa at the event.

The Prime Minister spoke at the AMIA Jewish center, the site of a murderous terror attack in 1994 that killed 85.

Netanyahu invoked his respect for the Jewish tradition, telling them said that "I know that ultimately, in the beginning, our power stems from our spiritual strength, from the fact that we have never forgotten our heritage, our values, our roots, and our unity.

The Prime Minister also talked about the historic nature of his visit, telling community leaders that "I want you to know that there is a big turn in Israel's status not only here in Latin America but in the world in general."

"We know that we have one central force and that is the power of the people of Israel, the Jewish people, this wonderful people that has so much in our past and so much future through your merits."

Argentina is Netanyahu's first stop on a multi-state tour in South and Central America. Netanyahu has already met with President Mauricio Macri, and the two countries signed a series of agreements on public security, customs and social insurance as well as an archives agreement regarding the Holocaust.

Netanyahu attended a ceremony Monday in Embassy Square, where a terror attack was carried out in 1992, and was joined by Israeli diplomats whose families were killed in the bombing.