Teen indicted for attacking Arab man who met with Jewish woman

Jerusalem prosecutor indicts Modiin Illit teen for allegedly attacking Arab man who had accompanied a Jewish female co-worker.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Mahane Yehuda
Mahane Yehuda
Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Court submitted an indictment against 18-year-old Yechiel Weisenstern, a resident of Modiin Illit, on charges of aggravated assault for racial motives.

According to the indictment, Weisenstern attacked the Arab man while the victim was walking on Agrippas street near the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem last Monday. The Arab was accompanying a woman who works together with him in the market.

Weisenstern, together with two friends whose identity has not been publicized, spotted the Arab man walking with his Jewish co-worker, asked him for a cigarette.

After the victim turned down their request for a cigarette, the three followed him, and asked the woman if she is Jewish. After the woman responded in the affirmative, the three then asked the Arab man why he was pursuing a relationship with a Jewish woman.

The man told the suspects that he and the young woman work together. At that point, one of the suspects drew a knife and warned the man that "if you go out with Jewish girls, we will [expletive].... you today."

One of the three suspects then began to hit the Arab, who attempted to flee. The suspects surrounded the victim, cursing him and demanding he not work in the market in the future. The suspects kicked and hit the victim until passersby separated the parties.

The prosecution has requested Weisenstern be denied bail and be held in custody until his trial is completed.