New IDF directive forbids woolen tzitzis in 3rd degree heat wave

Directive stems from ignorance, not discrimination against religious soldiers.

Mordechai Sones,

Israel National News

This morning the military correspondent of Kol Brama radio reported on a new IDF directive forbidding soldiers to wear woolen tzitzis, the fringed four-cornered garment worn by Jewish men, during military expeditions if there is a "level 3" heat wave occurring.

"N", a soldier in Givati stressed in the interview that the directive stems from ignorance and not a discriminatory move against religious soldiers. "As soon as they saw that I insisted, my commanders turned a blind eye."

Rabbi Rami Raved, a former Air Force rabbi, responded to the new directive and called it outrageous. "There is a trend today of commanders looking to get into the private lives of religious soldiers. The army must decide whether or not it wants religious soldiers," he said.