'I know why people dislike Kushner - oldest reason in the world'

Noted author explains 'why every American who cherishes freedom should forever thank Jared Kushner.' Commentary.

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Mordechai Sones,

Kushner leaving White House's West Wing
Kushner leaving White House's West Wing

Author and novelist Thomas Wictor, author of seven books and arguably the world’s only expert on World War I flamethrowers (because, as he writes, no one else is interested in them), has experience promulgating unpopular analyses. His homepage offers "some unsolicited advice to those who are thinking of publicly defending Israel: Use a pseudonym. If you don’t, be prepared to pay an exorbitant price."

Wictor recently used Twitter to publicize an evaluation of what he considers the unrecognized role Jared Kushner has played in saving the United States from a national catastrophe.

He entitled his essay, "Why every American who cherishes freedom should forever thank Jared Kushner," in which Wictor writes, "With the exception of Donald Trump, Kushner is the most insanely vilified person in US politics. This doesn't bother Kushner. He's got his family, and he's got work to do.

Kushner in helicopter over Baghdad
"People lie about why they dislike Kushner. I know why people dislike Kushner. Oldest reason in the world.

"If you really UNDERSTOOD what Kushner did in 2016, you'd put aside your ancient tribal hatreds and give Kushner the credit he deserves. Trump asked Kushner--who had no previous political experience--to craft a strategy that would not rely on the popular vote.

"I'll explain why in a moment.

"Trump THEN used MILDEC--military deception--to distract from what Kushner was doing. Kushner had a staff of less than 100. He says that he used methods that he'd learned while working in commercial real estate.

"Trump is our first 'free agent' president. He's beholden to nobody except the voters. I believe that Trump's victory has destroyed the influence that wealthy cult leaders had in American politics. I'm talking about the Silicon Valley oligarchs.

"Joel Kotkin (internationally recognized authority on global, political, economic and social trends, ed.) has been warning about the oligarchs for a long time. Here's what makes them so dangerous: The oligarchs believe that their incredible wealth came from them being MORAL. Therefore, they have the right to control us. These people hate and fear the middle class, so they want it eradicated. They want enslavement. The oligarchs want to prohibit us from owning cars. We will be forced to live in skyscrapers in urban centers...

"They have MASSIVE INFLUENCE in our politics. As cult leaders, they have certain bugs up their exhaust pipes. Because of their money, they force US to live lives according to the bugs up their exhaust pipes: CLIMATE CHANGE!

"Here's where the US was headed. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. He's what's known as a 'godman'. They control Indian politics. Singh is a guru, music producer, singer-songwriter, actor, and filmmaker.

"When he released a music album, over 3 million people gathered for the party. Indian politicians kowtowed to him. He also was involved in multiple 'good works.'

"Along the way, Singh committed murder, raped his followers, and had others castrated. He was just sentenced to 20 years in prison for rape. The Indian authorities were unprepared for what happened.

"Singh's followers began rioting. They began running through arbitrary neighborhoods with clubs, killing people. They burned down businesses of people who had nothing to do with anything.

"The sentencing had to take place in secret. All public court proceedings were cancelled. Finally the riot police went in and began smashing heads. They use poles called 'lathis'. The striking end has a metal weight and a steel casing.


"And now it's over. It'll never happen here. Thanks to Jared Kushner, a great American. It wasn't luck; it was BRAINS. It was the skill and dedication of Jared Kushner. Be grateful."

President Trump and Kushner at Western Wall