A wonderful new way to own a piece of the Holy Land

'You shall possess the Land and settle in it, for to you have I given the Land to Possess' - (Numbers 33:53).

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Land of Israel
Land of Israel

It’s no small secret that many people desire to own a piece of the Holy Land of Israel, and that many Torah commandments can only be fulfilled there. Unfortunately, that dream is out of reach for many - until now.

If you have $360 to spend, and care to fulfill mitzvoth such as Possessing the Land, Shmita, Orlah, and other commandments contingent upon the Holy Land, then you can purchase four Amot (Cubits) (5ft x 5ft) plots of agricultural land in the Galilee for the price of a fancy dinner out.

The "Own The Holy Land" initiative, founded by David Tavdi and Zev Zion, two New Yorkers who recently made Aliyah because of their love of the Land, seeks to connect the Diaspora to the Land of Israel in a simple and affordable way. They say “If walking four Amot is a great mitzvah, than how about owning four Amot?”

Indeed, many prominent Jewish sages held that the Land of Israel and the Torah are intertwined and inseparable. So much so that it is indicated in the Talmud that merely walking four Amot in the Holy Land of Israel can gain a person a place in the World to Come. Some went on to say further that the mitzvah of Yishuv HaAretz (settling the Land) is equal to all the mitzvoth of the Torah.

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, a popular Kiruv rabbi with a large following, is one of a number of rabbis endorsing the project. In one of his YouTube videos, Rabbi Mizrachi emphasized the importance of being able to fulfill the commandments tied to the Land of Israel.

“According to the Torah, we have 613 commandments. A large portion of the commandments depend on being in the Land. People can not fulfill those commandments in exile. So two great guys who I know, who used to live in New York and moved to Jerusalem, had this great idea. How about we share with people the land we own, and we will do all the mitzvoth the Torah commands on their behalf. This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in those commandments. I strongly recommend this idea. It’s fantastic.”

The initiative started just a few months ago and is catching on. According to the founders, buyers are appearing from all over the globe; some have purchased multiple lots, as many as 10 in some instances, to gift to their friends and loved ones. The purchase price is a one time expenditure, and Own The Holy Land assumes all expenses and responsibilities of farming and maintaining the land. The price is subject to change based on demand and availability.

Not all of us are in a position to make Aliyah like they did, but can you think of a better and more affordable way to demonstrate your love of God's Land, and the mitzvoth contingent upon it?

To learn more about the details or how it works, visit Own The Holy Land, or call David in Jerusalem at +972-(0)54-695-0437, or Zev in New York at 718-877-8944.