Supreme Court delays eviction of Machpela House

Supreme Court orders state of Israel to delay eviction of residents from Hevron home until further notice.

Ido Ben Porat,

Machpela House
Machpela House
Michael Duchan

Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel on Sunday night ordered the state of Israel to respond to petitions against the eviction of the Machpela House in Hevron within a week.

Hendel also issued an order prohibiting the eviction of the tenants from the building until further notice.

15 families entered the Machpela House in late July, but the state informed the Supreme Court last week that they would soon be evicted, despite having fully paid for the home.

Sunday's Supreme Court ruling was handed down after the Harhivi Mekom Oholech organization, together with the residents of the Machpela House, filed a petition with the Court, demanding that the residents be allowed to remain in the home.

The petitioners argued that "the State's position regarding the registration of the house has no legal basis when the law which applies in Hevron does not require an initial registration of an asset in order to obtain possession of it."

The petitioners asked the Court to allow them to remain in the Machpela House and also demanded proper and impartial administration by the Civil Administration in all matters pertaining to the continued registration of the home.