The 650th Walter's World special

Jews and the Houston flood.

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Walter Bingham,

The 650th walter's world Special
The 650th walter's world Special
Nitsan Keidar


This is the 650th Walter's World in Israel and is literally packed with important items. It is a program you should not miss.

Hear: How Chabad Lubavitch in Houston, Texas, reports about the situation and what they do to help.

Listen: To the Secretary General of the UN speaking with a forked tongue and supporting Palestinian terror.

And: The latest German disgrace.

Plus: United States history treated like degenerate art. A twisted mentality.

Walter: Shows how Prime Minister Netanyahu's efforts in Africa bear fruit.

Also: Walter's life explained in music and lots more.

Storm and flood damage on the main houston orthodox synagogue
Photo: Robert Levi