How to optimize your cash flow

Does more cash flow out of your wallet than into it? How can you turn that deficit into a surplus?

Douglas Goldstein,

Cash cow
Cash cow

Doug Goldstein, CFP, director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., and Al Zdenek, author of Master Your Cash Flow: The Key To Grow and Retain Wealth discuss why you should broaden your definition of 'cash flow' beyond having just enough money to pay bills.

Listen for practical advice for people needing a better grip on their finances and motivation to continue planning for the future. You don't need to prepare alone - build yourself a trusted team.

Make sure your money is accessible: After working hard to save and grow your money, you want to make sure that it is accessible when you need it.

Doug shares the story of a widow who had a hard time taking the next financial step after her husband died. He suggests some smaller, less painful financial steps that could help surviving spouses access money after an account holder's death.

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