Anti-Semitic nightmare in Lithuania

Israeli student goes to a bar for a relaxing evening in Vilna, but leaves covered in blood after being attacked by an Egyptian youth.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


Eli Cohen, a student who went into to a bar in Lithuania, ultimately came out of the episode with a broken nose and stitches in his head after taking a glass of beer to the face.

Yediot Ahronot reported that the incident occurred a few days ago. Cohen, a student at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, went on a trip to Lithuania and on the first evening went on a tour of bars in the capital, Vilna, on behalf of the hostel where he was staying.

"In one of the bars, a young man approached me and asked me where I was from. I said that I was from Israel, and his eyes opened and he said, 'I am from your enemy country, from Egypt.' "

Cohen tried to calm the atmosphere and told him: "We are not enemies, there is a peace agreement between us, I myself visited Egypt and it was very nice." However, he described that the Egyptian did not let up: "Did you serve in the army? Do you think Israel belongs to Jews or Palestinians?" he asked Cohen, who tried to avoid answering: "I did not come to the bar to talk about politics." He shook the Egyptian's hand, wished him a good evening, and went to another corner of the bar.

Cohen said that the Egyptian continued to stare at him all evening and then approached him, continued to harass him and tried to create a confrontation: "There is no such thing as Israel, there is only Palestine, you are occupying its land."

At this point, said Cohen, the violent episode began: "The guy stuck his finger in my face and grabbed my cheek, I was in shock, I reached out to create distance between us and asked him to move away from me."

Cohen related that, at that moment, a friend of the Egyptian, who was with him and warned him, joined the confrontation. According to Cohen, at that moment the Egyptian pounded his face with a fist. "I did not respond, I continued to reach out to create distance, and then the Egyptian broke a beer on my head, and the guard of the bar separated us and took me to the bathroom, and I was shocked to find my face, clothes and shoes covered in blood.” Cohen went to the emergency room, where the doctors stitched his head and diagnosed a slight fracture in his nose.

The Israeli embassy in Lithuania said the incident was unknown to them.