'The UN has a real obsession against Israel'

Israeli Ambassador to the UN says UN obsession with Israel leads to many more condemnations of Israel than even Syria.

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Danon at Telo Aviv conference
Danon at Telo Aviv conference
Hezki Baruch

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon accused the UN of having a 'real obsession' against Israel.'

Speaking at the session on BDS at the Tel Aviv Bar Association conference Tuesday, Danon said that ""The UN has a real obsession with the State of Israel. It's not just hot air. Last year there were 22 resolutions passed condemning Israel. There were only three resolutions condemning what is happening in Syria."

"When you see the lack of connection between reality and what is presented, you understand that this is an obsession against Israel, and we are now dealing with boycotts from organizations which are not marginal," he said.

"I and the American Ambassador are working to prevent the publication of the blacklist by the UN Human Rights Council. We are working against this criminal act. Today, the UN is no longer the Palestinians' private club," added Danon.