'An important precedent in the fight against terrorism'

5 relatives of terrorist who murdered 3 Jews in cold blood convicted for not reporting their knowledge of the attack beforehand.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Salomon house in Halamish
Salomon house in Halamish
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The military court in Judea on Sunday convicted five members of the family of Omar al-Abed, the terrorist who stabbed three members of the same family to death in the town of Halamish (Neve Tzuf) last month.

The five were convicted of failing to prevent an offense, because they knew of his intention to carry out the attack and did not inform the security authorities in order to prevent the attack and save innocent lives.

The terrorist's uncle and two brothers were sentenced to eight months in prison. The terrorist's father was sentenced to two months in prison. The terrorist's mother, who was convicted on charges of incitement for praising her son's act of murder, was sentenced to one month in prison and forced to pay a fine. All members of the family were also subject to suspended prison terms.

IDF officials said that "the conviction of the family members for the offense of not preventing offenses under these circumstances is an important and significant precedent in the struggle against terrorism. In addition, the various punishments of family members are derived from the extent of their involvement and the length of time they knew of the intention to carry out an attack."

Last Thursday, an indictment was filed against the terrorist Omar al-Abed for the murders of Yossi, Chaya and Elad Salomon.

On the evening of Friday, July 21st, Omar al-Abed entered the town of Neve Tzuf (Halamish) in Binyamin armed with a knife. He broke into the Salomon family home while the members of the family were organizing a "Shalom Zachar" event on the occasion of the grandson's birth.

He first stabbed Chaya, 46, the family member who was standing near the door. He then attacked the Chaya's mother, who managed to escape to the second floor, wounded and bleeding.

Then he stabbed to death Yosef, 70, Chaya's father, before attacking Yosef's 35-year-old son, Elad, stabbing him to death.

Michal, Elad's wife, fled with their five children to the second floor, where they hid. The hasty action of soldier "A" put an end to the butchery, and the soldier was awarded with a medal.