Watch: Car repossession goes terribly wrong

Tow truck tries to repossess car parked on the street when owner shows up.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


A video of a car repossession gone horribly wrong has gone viral since being posted last Monday. The video shows a tow truck trying desperately to escape the wrathful owner of a car it had just repossessed, careening through the streets of Los Angeles while the owner stands in the back of the truck.

The tow truck owner had been in the midst of repossessing the red Nissan Altima parked on the street when the owner showed up. Things quickly turned ugly; the tow truck driver sped off with the car still hooked up to the back of his vehicle.

The owner, in hot pursuit, jumped on to the truck as the driver tried to get away, smashing in the rear windows with a crowbar as sparks flew underneath, in a wild ride though Los Angeles that lasted more than ten minutes.

Police stopped the driver and owner, but did not make any arrests.