America's confused priorities

Nuclear threat And terrorism - or Confederate statues?

Walter Bingham,

America's Confused
America's Confused
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Beware: In God We Trust is under threat. Liberalism and domestic political correctness obstruct the danger to the American lifestyle from without. This programme talks about some of those issues.

Hear: Where US Democrats and Republicans agree on policy.

Also: Walter's cutting comments on Charlottesville, Trump and Bannon.

And: How the Secretary General of the Organisation of American States praise Israel.

We Ask: Should Israel continue to treat terrorists from Gaza in our hospitals?

The Main Feature:. A report from the Jordan River Village, where children who are coping with chronic, genetic or life threatening diseases and special needs, from all sectors of the population and who require 24/7 medical supervision leave their disabilities at the door and enter a world of fun that is normally closed to them.

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